“…remember Thy Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church…establish, and strengthen, and expand, increase, pacify, and keep Her unconquerable by the gates of hades; calm the dissensions of the churches, quench the raging of the nations, and quickly destroy and uproot the rising of heresy…”

Morning Intercessions from the Jordanville Prayer Book
Transfiguration of Christ

Hello! Welcome to my blog, The Based Byzantine, where I discuss topics related to Eastern Christianity, the interface between the Latin and Greek Churches, and the reunion of Slavic Christendom in the Universal Church under Rome.

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Some Thoughts on the Filioque

Yes, I’m going there! But I don’t want to add yet another argumentative voice to this debate. Instead I’d like to non-confrontationally bring up some factors on both sides of the issue that can lead to misunderstandings from the other side. For it is my position that on this topic, as in so many others, […]

Support the Russian Greek Catholics!

My brother-in-Christ Timothy Flanders from The Meaning of Catholic and OnePeterFive is a dedicated advocate for the small but mighty Russian Greek Catholic Church (Russian Orthodox Christians who have come back into full communion with Rome while preserving their own heritage in liturgy, theology, traditions, etc.) and I wanted to give a shout-out for his […]

How the New Roman Rite can be Reformed

Now I will give one example, focusing on the revival of sacred music, as to how the modern-day Roman Rite can be reformed (returned-to-form) in light of the principles elucidated in my last two posts, namely, the process of giving life to old Latin traditions by following the model of contemporary Eastern practices. As we […]

How Some Latin ‘Trads’ have Accomplished True Reform

However, on the flipside, there has been a shift over centuries in how the Latin Church conceived the nature of the services that was in need of reform. The universal church of the first millennium considered the Eucharist and Divine Office as inherently public actions, a view preserved in the Eastern Churches. But later developments […]

What is the Nature of Church Reform?

Some “rad trads” have the idea that if the Latin Church turns back the clock to the time before the Second Vatican Council in terms of teachings, disciplines, and practices, she will automatically be restored to her full vitality and integrity. But the reality, as more moderate traditionalist thinkers realize, is that the Latin Church […]

Byzantine Worship as Corporate Work of Christ’s Body

Latin Catholics can fall into two extremes when it comes to understanding the nature of worship. While the old Roman Rite has been criticized excessively in this respect, it is true that there is a tendency toward “clericalization” in the TLM. And this more clerical focus makes perfect sense in light of the historical and […]

Troparion and Kontakion to the Theotokos of Fatima

O most holy Theotokos and Mother of our God, you appeared in an age of wars and revolutions to warn of worse calamities should mankind not repent of its evils and turn back to the way of truth. But if our fallen race were to be humbled and return to its Maker, you announced a […]

Theotokos of Fatima Icon Finally Finished!

I was temporarily diverted by Holy Week and Pascha (Christos voskrese!), but today I at last got around to put the finishing touches on my icon and here it is! It is both amazing and humbling to see how wonderfully it turned out in the end. I am sure this image did not come from […]

Theotokos of Fatima Icon Almost Done!

After the Holy Father made his act of consecration for Russia and Ukraine, I felt that I should do something in my own small way to commemorate the occasion. For some time now, I’ve been wanting to try my hand at iconography, but have been intimidated by the challenge of it. When I began to […]

An Authentically Byzantine “Rosary”

Any serious scholar of church history recognizes that there has been cross-pollination over time between the various particular churches of Christendom. This fruitful interchange naturally occurred to a greater extent during the initial centuries and then began to slow down as the various rites began to crystallize. But it has continued to a greater or […]

A Byzantine Perspective on “Integralism” – Introduction

One buzzword now being tossed around a lot in the Latin world is integralism. This term can be summed up as denoting the idea the Christian faith cannot be divided or separated from the other aspects of human life but rather must be connected or integrated with everything else. All things: from the humblest tasks […]

A Byzantine Defense of the Immaculate Conception – Part II

In part I, I summarized the excellent work of Fr. Kucharek on this topic. There is really nothing more needed to prove the case; his evidence speaks for itself. And I cannot add anything more that would serve to enhance his argument. However, I thought it might be interesting and helpful to present some of […]

A Byzantine Defense of the Immaculate Conception – Part I

Most modern Eastern Orthodox Christians claim that they do not accept the Catholic understanding of the Immaculate Conception, which can be briefly summarized as the teaching that the Holy Theotokos was preserved free from all stain of original sin at her conception by the merits of Christ our God, applied retroactively (back in time) from […]

Caesaropapism and the Liberty of the Church – Part II

And such a focus on the secular over the sacred brings us to the crux of it all: the institutionalized hypocrisy called “separation of church and state.” For it is impossible to separate governance from notions about how things are and the way they ought to be ordered. And this philosophy of governance ultimately comes […]

Caesaropapism and the Liberty of the Church – Part I

The horrific conflict occurring in Ukraine has been at the forefront of our consciousness in recent days. And one aspect of the tragedy that stands out from a religious perspective is the servile position of the Russian Orthodox Church under Patriarch Kirill in relation to Putin’s government. George Weigel recently published an interesting piece at […]