Support the Russian Greek Catholics!

Russian Catholic Icon of Our Lady of Fatima

My brother-in-Christ Timothy Flanders from The Meaning of Catholic and OnePeterFive is a dedicated advocate for the small but mighty Russian Greek Catholic Church (Russian Orthodox Christians who have come back into full communion with Rome while preserving their own heritage in liturgy, theology, traditions, etc.) and I wanted to give a shout-out for his work in promoting the Russian Catholic Icon of Our Lady of Fatima for the benefit of the shrine in St. Petersburg that the Association of the Fatima Icon wishes to build in her honor.

The Russian Greek Catholic Church is key to the restoration of unity between the ancient Christian churches. Existing right in the middle between the Roman Catholics and Russian Orthodox, it is uniquely positioned as a bridge between these often-hostile Christian groups. This status has brought great hardship to Russian Greek Catholics, caught in the tragic crossfire between East and West, but also provides them tremendous opportunities for true ecumenical dialogue.

So, I think it goes without saying that for those who want to help foster the unity of the entire Universal Church, as I do, there are few better groups and missions to support than the Russian Greek Catholics and their effort to spread devotion to the Theotokos and her message of reconciliation between Russia and Rome.

Please visit this website:, share it with others, and if you feel God is calling you, perhaps make a donation to support the apostolate.

We are also trying to make the icon (the featured image for this post) available for purchase in Europe and North America to help finance the shrine’s work.

Slava Isusu Christu! Christos voskrese!

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